Managing Team

  Nicolas Lee

President & Chief Executive Officer

Part of Woozworld’s founding team, Nicolas is an expert in online entertainment technologies. He has over 15 years of experience planning, building architecture and leading the development of technological solutions to deliver the highest quality media software products available on the market for companies such as Disney, Cookie Jar, Nelvana, Orange and PBS.

Nicolas’ deep and broad experience both as a manager and a technology guru is a key part of Woozworld’s success. He has built and led the company’s development team which developed its complex code and technologies into a highly efficient and scalable product allowing Woozworld to keep up its unrelenting accelerated growth.

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  Mohamed Panju

Chief Finance Officer

CPA, CA with an intensive background in finance, mergers, audit and corporate taxes in various industries. Mr. Panju helps to bring stability to the finance, administrative and human resources departments.

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  Michael Belanger

Engagement and Monetization Manager

Michael comes from a television broadcasting background, which has helped him stay in tuned with pop culture and the Tween market. Since he started at Woozworld in 2011, he's been analyzing our users, utilizing his 10+ years of virtual world knowledge and keeping up to date with Tweens to produce extensive, engaging campaigns & products.

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  Alexandre Lebel

Production Manager

Alexandre has a deep experience in online production management with educational games, apps and websites. His organization and communication skills mixed with technical and quality assurances experiences gives him great insight on the whole production workflow, and how to optimize it for better quality and efficiency.

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  Nicolas Desy

Technical Director

Nicolas has several years of experience building website and online software solutions.  Nicolas is part of the Woozworld core engineering team since its early beginning in 2009. He is the architect of the Woozworld platform and leads the programming team while also being hands-on in its operation.

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