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La Presse : Entrepreneur from abroad: Welcome to Quebec (french)
Pour Simonetta Lulli, PDG de la PME québécoise Woozworld depuis octobre 2013, le déménagement à Montréal aurait pu être un ennui de taille pour son mari, qui ne maîtrise pas le français.
Ten to Twenty - Woozworld, the Safe Online World for Your Tween
One of the tough things about having tweens is that they are so anxious to try social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but the ‘legal’ age of woozworld-ipad-webthose sites is 13, so what alternatives are there? - Oink and Woozworld partner to accept parent-approved transactions
Oink and Woozworld have announced a partnership to bring safe, secure payments to the popular virtual world and social network for tweens.
The Wall Street Journal - Premiere Virtual World for Tweens to Accept Parent-Approved Transactions
Oink, and Woozworld today announced that they have partnered to bring safe, secure payments to the popular virtual world and social network for tweens.
Kidscreen - Virtual social network WoozWorld has new app in tow
Montreal, Canada-based tween virtual world and social network Woozworld is taking on the mobile space in the form of a new iOS app that will allow for continuous gameplay between desktop and mobile devices.
Inside Mobile Apps - Woozworld brings virtual world for teens to iOS
Woozworld, the virtual social network for tweens, is now available as an iOS app, giving users the chance to take their desktop gameplay experience with them wherever they go.
Village Gamer - Montreal’s Woozworld Launches On Mobile
Woozworld Inc. has announced that Woozworld, the largest virtual social network for tweens with over 25 million registered users, is now available as an app, making it accessible with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 7.
Canal Argent – En affaires (in French)
In this broadcasted TV interview, Éric Brassard, CEO, explains how Woozworld, a virtual reality aimed at tweens, has won over a million players within just eight months.
MSN - Woozworld: ce monde virtuel 2.0 atteint déjà le million de membres adolescents en huit mois (in French)
Less than year after launching its virtual and collaborative world, Woozworld just reached a million members and claims two million virtual spaces created.
Canoë Techno et Sciences - Le buzz du jour : Woozworld a la cote chez les préados (in French)
Have you ever heard about Woozworld? Although this game is more popular with preteenagers aged from 9 to 14 years old, its success and popularity are growing increasingly, thanks to the social media.
Next Montréal - Woozworld Hits More Than 1 Million Profiles in Eight Months
Targeted for kids ages nine to 14, Woozworld provides an engaging and interactive experience by letting them create their own world where they can fashion their own characters, make new Woozworld friends, do virtual business, set-up activities and essentially drive the show.
La Presse – Facebook, nouvel Eldorado du jeu video (in French)
A company from Quebec could know the same success as Zynga. Woozworld is a virtual world for preteenagers initially created by Tribal Nova, designer of educational on-line games targeting the young Internet users.
Branchez-Vous! Techno – Woozworld : Ce monde virtuel 2.0 atteint déjà le million de membres adolescents en huit mois (in French)
Woozworld puts a virtual world 2.0 in the availability of the young Internet users aged from 9 to 14 years old. In this world, kids have the opportunity to become its actors and builders.

La Presse - Capital-risque: récolte maigre, mais encourageante (in French)
As for information technologies, second sector in terms of investments in venture capital, it is the internet companies which got the better hand, in particular VM6 software and Woozworld.
Argent - Le Québec, paradis du capital de risque au Canada (in French)
Venture capital made for a splendid second quarter in Quebec.

Mobile Commerce Daily - Woozworld launches mobile payment-powered virtual goods marketplace
Woozworld Inc., a Web 2.0 virtual world powered by tweens with more than one million user-generated virtual spaces, has partnered with mobile payment platform Zong...
Virtual Worlds News - Woozworld Partners With Zong
Tween-oriented virtual world Woozworld is partnering with Zong to add mobile pay as an option for buying virtual goods...

TechCrunch - Tween Virtual World Woozworld Spins Off From Tribal Nova, Raises $3 Million
Woozworld, a virtual world for tweens (ages 9-14), has scored $3 million in Series A financing...
GamesBeat - Woozworld raises $3M to expand virtual world for tweens
Woozworld has raised $3 million in a first round of funding for a tween-focused virtual world...